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they'll get you sugar-high
22nd-May-2007 11:12 pm - ...to make a comeback.
The rest of the icons - damn you LJ for not accepting the heavy post =P

...while you can.Collapse )
21st-Feb-2007 09:20 pm - Icon Post #7
Hi there!

Today, I have, following elizabethisboss's request...

...two headers and a matching FO banner from My ChemCollapse )

And some stock icons...

...right this way!Collapse )
13th-Feb-2007 11:38 pm - Icon Post #6
More icons!

Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Hangman...Collapse )
6th-Jan-2007 02:59 am - Icon Post #5
Icons, headers and FO banners this time.
Enjoy. =)

I think we have an emergency...Collapse )
17th-Dec-2006 04:06 am - Icon Post #4
More icons. Some of them are quite nostalgic, I guess. =D


I wanna be Anarchy...Collapse )

20th-Nov-2006 08:19 pm - Icon Post #3

Back again with more icons!
Taking Back Sunday (mostly Adam because I'm weak and he's so pree-tay), Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy (<i>Dance, Dance</i> outfits are love!), and Paramore.
More to come, er...soon-ish.
The Franz ones are a little homage to me, a poor girl that missed their concert when they came to Brazil. For the second bloody time. *sobs*
Whoever takes it is my instantaneous friend. LOL

Well, enjoy!

It's always better on holidays.Collapse )

4th-Nov-2006 03:44 am - Icon Post #2

So, you thought I had gone for good! Well, I'm back! *evil laughter*
My computer broke down, and lots of things in real life held me back, but now I return in full throttle. Heh.
Many icons for your delight! Enjoy!

I am not afraid to keep on living...Collapse )

20th-Aug-2006 04:04 pm - First Post Ever!
First post to iconsbysugar, yay! *does a little dance and celebrates*

And since it's party time, I bring lots of icons and goodies for you. I think it's been my largest batch since, well, ever, so... (and not dial-up safe lol)

[ 78 ] My Chemical Romance
[ 10 ] Be Your Own PET
[ 03 ] Adam (Taking Back Sunday) + Gerard (My Chemical Romance)
[ 03 ] Panic! at the Disco Friends Only banners
[ 04 ] My Chemical Romance Friends Only Banners
[ 04 ] My Chemical Romance Headers (02 of Frank, 01 of Mikey and 01 of Frank and Gerard)



the dawn of Icons by Sugar, this wayCollapse )
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